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Busy over work, school, and seminars
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I've been reading and watching random mangas and animes which
bothers my aesthetic in blogging~
Might be reply hella late
Mangas/anime/Show watching/Reading
Tokyo Ghoul,HunterXHunter,Znt,
Dmmd, Free!,I am a Hero,Vagabond
Love Stage!
BACK-ON – Chain


Chain - BACK-ON

Anime: Air Gear


you know what annoys me, that one day there will be a whole new generation of people on tumblr and that is not okay i like this generation of people no one will ever be as cool as us


MARUO Suehiro (丸尾末広 ), Vampyre/Warau Kyuuketsuki /笑う吸血鬼


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here’s the promised selfie(s)

ur welcome

and yea thanks i know my editing skills r gr8

Some people hide their sadness very well.
Khaled Hosseini, And The Mountains Echoed   (via ahokage)
Me:I want to see my OTP in this angsty situation
Me:*sees OTP in angsty situation*
Me:I don't even know what I was thinking this is terrible